Microsoft Internet Explorer 10

Java application could contain malicious code, sites located in this security zone are more likely to be hosted by malicious people. This policy setting allows you to manage permissions for Java Applets. If you enable this policy setting, you can choose options from the drop-down box. Custom, to control permissions settings individually. Low Safety enables applets to perform all operations. Medium Safety enables applets to run in their sandbox. High Safety enables applets to run in their sandbox. Disable Java to prevent any applets from running. If you disable this policy setting, Java applets cannot run. If you do not configure this policy setting, the permission is set to High Safety.

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 Security Technical Implementation Guide
    • 1. I - Mission Critical Classified
    • 2. I - Mission Critical Public
    • 3. I - Mission Critical Sensitive
    • 4. II - Mission Support Classified
    • 5. II - Mission Support Public
    • 6. II - Mission Support Sensitive
    • 7. III - Administrative Classified
    • 8. III - Administrative Public
    • 9. III - Administrative Sensitive

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