<VulnDiscussion>Limiting the root account direct logins to only system consoles protects the root account from direct unauthorized access from a non-console device.</VulnDiscussion><FalsePositives></FalsePositives><FalseNegatives></FalseNegatives><Documentable>false</Documentable><Mitigations></Mitigations><SeverityOverrideGuidance></SeverityOverrideGuidance><PotentialImpacts></PotentialImpacts><ThirdPartyTools></ThirdPartyTools><MitigationControl></MitigationControl><Responsibility>System Administrator</Responsibility><IAControls>ECPA-1, ECSD-2</IAControls>

  • HP-UX 11.31 Security Technical Implementation Guide
    • 1. I - Mission Critical Classified
    • 2. I - Mission Critical Sensitive
    • 3. II - Mission Support Classified
    • 4. II - Mission Support Sensitive
    • 5. III - Administrative Classified
    • 6. III - Administrative Sensitive

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