About Cyberisc

Cybersecurity is on everyone's mind these days. There are more undetected and unreported data breaches now than ever before. Implementing a secure infrastructure immune from data breaches is a challenge even for DISA and other organizations at the forefront of Cybersecurity enforcement. So what can businesses and organizations do to secure their networks and infrastructure?

Cyberisc was created by a couple of industry experts with decades of experience bringing security solutions to the market for enterprise and cloud customers. We believe security should be simple to achieve and should be an on-going activity. Most of the commonly available tools are difficult to use and hard to configure. For an organization with a limited budget and know-how, security remains a long pole to solve and sometimes takes the back seat to more immediate business needs.

Cyberisc helps businesses secure their infrastructure systems running in cloud and on-prem with minimal cost and limited know-how. We started with a ground-up / inside-out approach wherein known security vulnerabilities are patched, ensuring your infrastructure satisfies industry-standard compliance regulations. Just like securing your house requires you to first close your doors and windows before installing a surveillance system, cybersecurity starts from within your network by securing your OS and infrastructure software first.

Cyberisc scanner is simple to deploy and very quick to execute. It gets continuous updates from our cloud with the latest vulnerabilities and security standards. We make the overall solution easy by doing all the leg work for you. We identify what runs on your OS and automatically apply the appropriate standards and rules to ensure your systems are in compliance.

Cybersecurity enforcement tools should be robust, easy to use, and ubiquitous. We back our free offering with full paid 24x7 support. We also bring our industry experience to you with our compliance as a service offering. We can develop custom compliance standards for your specific environment. We support all databases, middleware, PaaS, and SaaS services, as well as endpoints like IOTs, laptops, tablets, and personal devices. Contact us with your requirements if you are interested in doing a sales trial.

Cyberisc is a full featured, FREE, compliance and vulnerability scanner that makes it easy to enforce industry standard security configurations across your infrastructure in minutes. Automate your compliance and vulnerability scans and increase your visibility of insecure systems. Harden your infrastructure by patching and configuring your systems with industry standard security configurations. Audit all your systems and meet government & industry regulations.